Currie 44 - Jeep JK Front Crate Axle

Currie 44 - Jeep JK Front Crate Axle

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The RockJock® 44 JK front crate axle delivers superior strength in a light-weight package that’s designed for heavy off-road use. Built to the legendary Currie Standard with a reinforced center section, large diameter tubes, heavy forged knuckles, and chromoly axles, the RockJock 44 is twice as strong as JK’s stock Dana® 30 front axle assembly

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Computer Programming: 2012 and newer vehicles require a computer programmer, such as the AEV ProCal Module to reset the gear ratio and tire height in the vehicle's computer for proper function of the vehicles stability control and transmission shift points

Pinion Yoke:  A larger stronger 1350 pinion yoke is included with the RockJock 44. If you wish to retain and reuse the stock driveshaft, you will need to remove the 1350 yoke and install the stock JK companion flange. The pinion nut torque specification is 125 ft-lbs

Outer Knuckle Assemblies: The RockJock 44 is designed to reuse the complete stock JK outer knuckle assemblies from the ball joints out (knuckles, hubs, disk brake calipers and rotors)

Overall Width: Axle width is 65.4 inches (stock JK width) between wheel mounting surfaces

Tire Size: Recommended maximum 37-inch tire size due to the inherent limitations of the stock brakes, wheel bearings, and axle u-joints